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Florex sheeps milk soaps - the original since 1998

Reliability and quality... Our most important principle is to always offer our loyal customers the best quality and thus satisfaction with our wellness and care products.

Original Florex® sheep's milk soaps are characterized by high-quality ingredients and selected fragrances. Our sheep's milk soaps are 100% made in Austria, decorated and packaged with great commitment and lovingly by hand on our farm and marketed at home and abroad.

We are an Austrian family business, pull together and can also express our strengths in special situations. As a well-established team, we are constantly evolving to create something new and inspiring. Every day we work diligently on new products, new fragrances and new designs are created.

We have been working for the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers for over 20 years.


Florex® sheep's milk soap - 100% made in Austria



Original Florex® sheep's milk soaps are available in over 200 colors and scents and offers a wide range for every occasion and every season. In addition to our high-quality standard soap range, our product range also includes handmade, cold-stirred soaps, vegan soaps, palm oil-free soaps, glycerine soaps and soaps in a wide variety of shapes and lovingly hand-decorated soaps.

In addition to our soap range, we also sell very successfully wellness and body care products. The product range extends from liquid soaps, shower & bubble bath, care shampoo, creams, room fragrances, incense and much more. to bathroom accessories and terry cloth goods - simply everything that is good for body and soul.