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Crystall Salt & Pure Salt Soaps

Himalayan salt not only provides the body with important trace elements such
as calcium, magnesium and iron, it can also be excellent as a bath salt and for
wellness Treatments are used.

Pure natural product - ideal for your well-being!

* Cooking * * Sauna & Spa * * Aromatherapy *

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Arnica, St. John's wort and Swiss stone pine

From now on we have Original Florex® arnica cream, St. John's wort balm and
Stone pine balm in the range.

High-quality skin care with selected ingredients, manufactured according to
a traditional home recipe.

Made in Austria

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Refreshing, flowery, calming,...

Original Florex® Wellness & Balance room fragrances with 100% natural,
essential oils now in 4 new varieties:

  • Verbena
  • Wild rose
  • lavender
  • Lemon-orange

Made in Austria - available from the beginning of March

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100% all-natural, essential oils

Original Florex® 100% natural essential oils - creates a pleasant
room climate and helps you sleep better.

100% all natural, without any additives and very high quality. Also ideal for
aromatherapy and diffusor usage.

Made in Austria - available from February 2021

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"A little something"

We now offer 6 more lovely variations, made with high quality special
paper, and carefully packaged by hand.

With those individual, but still personal quotes, they are an unique gift for
every occasion - or something special for your own stylish bathroom.

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Florex Deodorant Cream

A special highlight in term of freshness and care. Free of aluminum salt
and preservatives.

A fingertip of freshness for the whole day.

4 great new varieties - available from January 2021

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Unique moments

Original Florex® liquid soaps - now in the new 500ml dispenser with a
lovely elegant floral design.

Gentle and mild cleansing for a fresh and pleasant skin feeling.
Suitable for all skin types.

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Solid Conditioner

For healthy, silky soft and shiny hair - in the practical and reusable can.

Our conditioner contains high quality ingredients such as cocoa butter,
almond oil, shea butter and organic sheep milk.

Suitable for all hair types.

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Sheep milk cream & balm

One of our all time favourites Original Florex® sheeps milk cream,
is now available in cosmetic tubes.

The different types: sheep milk cream, potato balm and sheep milk balm,
are high quality moisturizing creams with rich ingredients. Dry and stressed
skin will be soft and silky after.

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Cold stirred hair soap melissa

Original Florex® cold stirred hair soap  - one of our bestsellers.
The new "melissa" scent combines valuable ingredients such
as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, shea butter, and lemon balm
with refreshing fragrances and makes the hair wonderfully supple.

Suitable for all hair types.

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Florex shower soap

Original Florex® shower soap in 6 different fragrances with a soft and
pleasant scent. Almond oil, lanolin and organic sheep milk moisturize the skin.

For an extra foamy showering pleasure.



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Florex hair soap

Original Florex® new hair soap in 2 different fragrances - marigold and melissa.

With marigold extract, melissa extract, organic sheep milk and lanolin.


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Florex cleansers in a new look

Sanitary Cleaner, Grease Remover, Dishwashing Liquid, All-Purpose Cleaner, 
Glass Cleaner, Liquid Soft SoapNeutral CleanerSanitary Cleaner Spray citrus, 
Room Fragrance Spray.

Our cleansers are efficient, economical and biodegradable.

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Our new office- and warehouse building  (construction time: may 2018 until january 2020)



Florex soap without palm oil - two new
fragrances - quince and swiss pine

Our other palm oil free soaps: classic, lavender, verbena, rose with flowers,  
honey and pomegranate.

With coconut oil, olive oil, lanolin, organic sheep milk, ...
Without filler, silicone und mineral oil

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Florex glycerin soaps - two new shapes
available  - 
massage soaps and soaps with

This soap is especially soft, creamy and moisturizing. You can choose between:
orange, pomegranate, rose, lavender, blue diamond,

and lemongras.

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Florex Deocreme - free from aluminium salts,
preservatives and alcohol

Our deodorant cream prevents bad odors, does not clog
pores and also has an antiseptic effect.

A small amount for a whole day feeling fresh.


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Florex solid shampoo -
mild, very creamy and nourishing - for silky hair

With cacao butter, provitamin b5, honey extract and sheep milk powder




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