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Original Florex soap and cosmetic products

We develop a new fragrance for you, a new product or a creative product line according to your wishes and ideas.
We are your professional partner with experience and know-how and will implement your project together with you - tailor-made and reliable.

We offer the following products in contract manufacturing:

• Liquid and solid soaps of all kinds such as sheep's milk soaps, vegetable oil soaps, soaps without palm oil, vegan soaps, cold-stirred soaps, cold-stirred special soaps such as hair soap and shaving soap

• Bade salt  & Bath butter balls

• Creams, hand creams, lip balm, deodorants, body butter, body milk

• Solid shampoo, solid conditioner, care shampoo, shower & bubble bath

Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you! or Tel. 07259/3010-0