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Your own individual product
We can develop a one of a kind product or even a new fragrance just for you and your vison.
We can offer a lot of  possibilities and will implement your vision fuss-free and reliable.


Profit from our longstanding experience, our love for detail, high quality standards and our big variety of products - MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRIA.


  • Soaps of any kind, for instance: sheep milk soap, plant milk soap, soaps without palmoil, cold stirred soaps, liquid soaps, glycerin soaps
  • Bathsalts & bath additives (bath butter balls, bath butter confection,…)
  • Creams, handcreams, lip balm, Deodorant cream, Bodybutter, Bodymilk
  • Solid shampoo, care shampoo, shaving- and shampoo soap
  • Shower and foam bath, shower mousse, milk bath, body yoghurt
  • Peeling with salt, peeling with sugar
  • Sauna honey, sauna oil, body- and massage oil
  • Room fragrances, candles, matches
  • Incense, incense supplies, incense mix box