Manufacturing of our Original Florex sheep milk soap



Florex sheep milk soaps are products that consist from dismantling plant based fats and oils. For our soaps we only use organic sheep milk from Austria.

During manufacturing our sheep milk soaps the first step is to mix and then boil the plant based fats and oils with a sodium hydroxid solution. This procedure is called soap boiling, the chemical reaction that occurs is called saponification. With this process the plant based fats and oils get split up into glycerin and the actual soap. The resulting so called "curd soap" gets roughly mixed while in the mixing unit, the product resulting from this process is mixed with dye, sheep milk, herbs, essential oils and the skin friendly sheep wool fat - lanolin. Afterwards the bulk, called dough, gets transferred into the rolling mill to get a homogenous mass and achieve a glossy sheen.

The next step is to roll out the soap mass to a paper thin sheet. The soap then gets further handled into the extruder where the sheets get shaped into a block. Lastly our sheep milk soaps get punched into the right shape by a punching machine.


Fragrance and colour

Fragrance is one of the most important quality features for a good soap. There are different ways of adding fragrance: synthetically made aromatic oils, herbs or essential oils. For our big fragrance assortment we use both synthetic aromatic oils and essential oils.

Colour gives our soaps a fresh looking and pretty appearance because not only fragrance is important, but colour also contributes to the finished look. Our colour palette reaches from pastel tones all the way to vibrant colours, because the colours are used to positively emphazise every single fragrance. For colouring our soaps we use synthetic dyes as well as natural ones. We also use the dye safely upon the command of cosmetics regulation.

Every year our assortment is growing with new fragrances, colours and shapes.


Florex sheep milk cream with high-quality ingredients



Our Florex sheep milk cream with lanolin is especially suited for dry and rough skin. The high quality untreated ingredients moisturize the skin deeply and protects it from drying out. Our assortment reaches from face creams to hand creams and even body creams.

For our Florex body- and wellness-products we only use special selected nourishing ingredients. The healing powers of these nourishing ingredients are known for hundreds of years and receive lots of popularity nowadays.

Those ingredients nourish, moisturize and make the skin look healthier and more radiant.


Lip balm with lanolin, jojoba oil, shea butter and beeswax



Florex lip balm has a wide variety of 30 different fragrances, for instance: classic, aloe vera, honey and many more. Our lip balm provides the lips with a lot of high quality ingredients and supports its natural moisture balance. With regular use the lips get softer and smoother. The perfect companion for any season.