Original Florex sheep milk soaps


Forest time

Peace - strength - silence. We can find those values ​​in a huge place of power named forest. It's time to slow down and find balance in the simple things in life. "Breathe and enjoy life"

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Solid hair care

For example sold conditioner with cocoa butter, shea 
butter, almond oil and organic sheep's milk. For smooth, 
soft and shiny hair.  Suitable for every hair type.

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Decorated soaps

A very special gift - Florex decorated sheep's milk soaps are lovingly made and packaged by hand - each piece is unique and therefore something very special!

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Original Florex products - made with love

Our sheep milk soaps with organic sheep milk are made with great commitment and lovingly handcrafted in Austria.
Each Florex bar of soap is unique and is characterized by high-quality ingredients and an exquisite fragrance.

Years of experience     •     Attention to detail     •     High quality standards     •     High quality ingredients    •     Product variety

since 1998

Austrian family

with organic sheep milk
from Austria

made with

decorated and
packed by hand

over 200
different fragrances