Original Florex sheep milk soaps

Solid shampoo

Florex solid shampoo is a good alternative to replace shampoo in the bottle.
Our most popular fragrance "Morning Dew" contains the following high quality ingredients:

- Cocoa butter
- Panthenol (provitamin B5)
- Honey extract
- Spirulina extract

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Deodorant cream

Our deodorant cream provides a very special experience because it prevents bad odors, does not clog pores, does not stain your clothes and also has an antiseptic effect.

A small amount for a whole day feeling fresh.

With sheabutter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and finset
almond oil.

Free from aluminium salts, preservatives and alcohol.


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Product News

*Brand new*
Original Florex® shower soap in 6 different fragrances with a soft and pleasant scent. Almond oil, lanolin and organic sheep milk moisturize the skin.
For an extra foamy showering pleasure.


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Original Florex products made with love

Our organic sheep milk soaps are made by hand in Austria, with great commitment and lots of love.
Each Florex soap bar is unique and characterized by high-quality ingredients and an exquisite fragrance.

Years of experience     •     Love for detail     •     High-quality standards          High-quality ingredients    •     Product variety

since 1998

Austrian family

With organic sheep milk
from Austria

Made with

Decorated and
packed by hand

Over 200
different fragrances