Original Florex sheep milk soaps




Original Florex® Blütenzart... Our new series "Blütenzart" delights  with its refreshingly, decent look.
High-quality ingredients, particularly good skin tolerance
and therefore also ideal for sensitive skin.

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Bath additives

Original Florex® bath additives
made out of the best resources , refined with cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and biological sheep milk. Manufactured with love and care by hand.

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Decorated soaps

We have a wide range of decorated soaps as well as very nice scented soap shapes on many different themes...

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Original Florex products - made with love

Our sheep milk soaps with organic sheep milk are made with great commitment and lovingly handcrafted in Austria.
Each Florex bar of soap is unique and is characterized by high-quality ingredients and an exquisite fragrance.

Years of experience     •     Attention to detail     •     High quality standards     •     High quality ingredients    •     Product variety

since 1998

Austrian family

with organic sheep milk
from Austria

made with

decorated and
packed by hand

over 200
different fragrances