Original Florex sheep milk soaps


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Original Florex® 100% natural essential oils - 
creates a pleasant room climate and helps you sleep better.

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Florex shower soap

Original Florex® shower soap with almond oil - for an
extra foamy shower pleasure. In 6 popular scents
and also available unpacked.

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Pretty decorated soaps for spring

Original Florex® soaps decorated by hand - each bar of soap is unique and therefore something very special.
Whether yellow, orange, green, pink ... You will find something suitable for every occasion.

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Original Florex products - made with love

Our sheep milk soaps with organic sheep milk are made with great commitment and lovingly handcrafted in Austria.
Each Florex bar of soap is unique and is characterized by high-quality ingredients and an exquisite fragrance.

Years of experience     •     Attention to detail     •     High quality standards     •     High quality ingredients    •     Product variety

since 1998

Austrian family

with organic sheep milk
from Austria

made with

decorated and
packed by hand

over 200
different fragrances