Terms of delivery and payment

from Gerlinde Hofer - Florex GmbH



Minimum order quantity: for a new customer is € 300,-


Terms of payment: payment in advance, -2% cash discount                   


Transport costs: ex works. We try to send the goods to generous conditions


Terms of delivery: The delivery times are without any commitment. Unforeseen circumstances can extend the delivery times. Therefore you can’t claim damages.


Prices: All prices are ex 20% value added tax and valid until the next price increase.


Cancellation: within8 days from placing the order, later 20% cancellation fee


Claims: within 8 days from receiving the order in a written form, later there is no chance to claim any damages. The returns of goods do the Florex GmbH. 


Title retention clause: All products are personally property from Gerlinde Hofer - Florex GmbH until the completed payment


Als Gerichtsstand gilt 4400 Steyr ( Oberösterreich) als vereinbart Es gilt österreichisches Recht als vereinbart.