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Longstanding experience and love for detail


All kinds of soaps

Sheep milk soaps, vegan soaps, organic sheep milk soaps, glycerine soaps, soaps without palmoil, decorated soaps, cold stirred soaps,...
>>> Florex® SHEEP MILK SOAPS <<<



Liquid soaps

Liquid sheep's milk soaps and real liquid vegetable oil soaps in many different fragrances
>>> Florex® LIQUID SOAPS <<<



Cold stirred soaps

Handmade special soaps with natural glycerin, for example hair soap, activated charcoal soap, healing earth soap, salt soap with sea salt...
>>> Florex® COLD STIRRED SOAPS <<<




Bath salt & Bath additives

Bath butter balls and bath butter confectionery in fragrant flavors, bath salts in jars and in phials,...
>>> Florex® BATH ADDITIVES <<<





Soap dispensers, soap dishes, soap boxes, sponges, brushes, wooden tubs, terry cloth goods,...
>>> Florex® BATHBOUTIQUE <<<




Creamy skin care

Face creams, hand creams, lip balm, deodorant cream, body butter, body milk, body yoghurt,...
>>> Florex® CREAM AND DEO <<<




Beautiful, well-groomed hair

Solid shampoo, solid conditioner, care shampoo, shampoo soap, hairbrush,...




Experience of freshness

Shower & bubble bath, shower soap, shower mousse, sauna honey, sauna oil, massage oil, peeling with salt,...
>>> Florex® BODY & BEAUTY <<<




Decorated soaps

Sheep milk soaps decorated by hand - each piece is unique and therefore something very special!
>>> Florex® DECORATED SOAPS <<<





Raumdüfte, ätherische Öle, Raumduft-Sprays mit ätherischem Öl, Duftöle, Duftkerzen, Zündhölzer, Aroma-Diffuser,...
>>> Zu Florex® RAUMDÜFTE, KERZEN, ÖLE <<<




Wellness für Zuhause

Weihrauch in der Phiole und in verschiedenen Gläsern, Weihrauchzubehör, Räucherboxen-Sets,...





Geschirrspülmittel, Geschirrspülseife, Glasreiniger, Allzweckreiniger, Schmierseife, Sanitärreiniger, Neutralreiniger,...